Academician Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov (Андре́й Никола́евич Колмого́ров)

One of my lifelong heroes and sources of inspiration is the Academician Andrei Kolmogorov. He is arguably the finest mathematician that Russia has ever produced and likely ranks among the top ten mathematicians who have worked in the East.

Professor Kolmogorov played a crucial role in developing the groundbreaking theory of statistical turbulence. Additionally, he was the original proponent of the $k$-$\Omega$ turbulence model, thus essentially being the author of the first two-equation closure. A memorable quote that I recall is, “Dream for a second and just do it.”

What is most impressive about Andrei Kolmogorov is how he nurtured his graduate students. He planted seeds of his great ideas within them and allowed his students to cultivate those ideas. These students went on to publish their own work, achieving their own fame.

I believe Kolmogorov once pointed out that his students “owned both the Heavens and the Earth.” One of them was a globally recognized expert in ocean turbulence, while another was a renowned specialist in atmospheric turbulence.

Today, Kolmogorov continues to inspire many, and his name is attached to numerous mathematical equations. His humility in nurturing his students, facilitating their success rather than taking the limelight himself, is a trait that many professors today would do well to emulate.

Dream for a second, and just do it.

Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov