Claude-Louis Navier

Claude-Louis Navier (picture of the statue).

Claude-Louis Navier was a notable mathematician who made significant contributions to the field of fluid mechanics, particularly in developing early models for viscosity based on the foundational work of Euler. These models formed an integral part of the equations for fluid dynamics known as the Navier-Stokes equations.

During his time, Navier was one of the five prominent investigators who worked on these equations. He played a crucial role in formulating the viscous terms in a manner that is recognizable in our time, alongside the work of George Gabriel Stokes. Their combined efforts laid the groundwork for our understanding of fluid behavior and the role of viscosity in fluid flow.

As an admirer of Claude-Louis Navier’s research, I have been on the lookout for an original oil portrait. Despite my best effort, including collaborating with French nationals at the municipal level, I have not been able to locate such a painting. While a well-known statue of Navier exists, I am specifically interested in obtaining a picture of an oil painting of him. It is hard to believe that one does not exist – yet where is it?

If anyone has located a portrait of Claude-Louis Navier in the form of an oil painting, beyond the existing statue, your appreciation would be immeasurable. The portrait would serve as a tangible connection to Navier’s legacy and provide a glimpse into his persona beyond his scientific accomplishments.