HiFiLES High Fidelity Large Eddy Simulation


My students and myself were impressed with the Stanford University release of HiFiLES, a large-eddy simulation solver for turbulent flows. We were able to use it successfully in our Office of Naval Research Grant. In fact, our modifications were released for free with an in-built acoustics solver. These codes are free of charge to use and available to the community. One can read our use of the solver at http://saemiller.com/publications/Shen_Miller_JTCA_2020_preprint.pdf. Grab the source and try it yourself on GibHub at https://github.com/weiqishen/HiFiLES-solver.

Edward Burra Interview

The BBC, a long time ago, published an interview with the great British artist Edward Burra. https://vimeo.com/20763625. I have always loved his paintings of the Spanish civil war and its aftermath, his adventures in Paris and Parisian culture, and his lamentation of the destruction of the English country side. Most of his paintings are housed over in the Tate in London. Some have made their way to the US in exhibitions.

Friedwardt Winterberg

Wernher Von Braun once said that we have invented rockets, not to destroy our planet, but to explore the universe. Similarly, we may say that we have discovered thermonuclear energy, not to destroy our planet, but to advance mankind toward a peaceful, galactic culture.

Friedwardt Winterberg