First All Metal Wing

At the Junkers plant in Dessau, Germany, five factory employees stand on an experimental all-metal wing in 1915 to demonstrate its superior strength. The wing’s internally braced structure enabled it to support the plane’s weight without the need for drag-producing wires and struts.

Lewis Carroll

Another Rule is, when you have written a letter that you feel may possibly irritate your friend, however necessary you may have felt it to so express yourself, put it aside till the next day.
“My second Rule is, don’t fill more than a page and a half with apologies for not having written sooner!”
Eight or Nine Wise Words about Letter-Writing, Lewis Carroll

Rudolf Emil Kalman

“Whenever a model is built, it is always proper to ponder the basic scientific question: is the model really based on the data or is an artifact displaying the prejudices of its creator?” Rudolf Emil Kalman, Kyoto Prize address


An experiment, like every other event which takes place, is a natural phenomenon; but in a scientific experiment the circumstances are so arranged that the relations between a particular set of phenomena may be studied to the best advantage.

James Clerk Maxwell, 1876


You should call it entropy, for two reasons. In the first place your uncertainty function has been used in statistical mechanics under that name, so it already has a name. In the second place, and more important, no one really knows what entropy really is, so in a debate you will always have the advantage.

Suggesting to Claude Shannon a name for his new uncertainty function, as quoted in Scientific American Vol. 225 No. 3, (1971), p. 180.

Qian Xuesen

“An engineering science aims to organize the design principles used in engineering practice into a discipline and thus to exhibit the similarities between different areas of engineering practice and to emphasize the power of fundamental concepts. In short, an engineering science is predominated by theoretical analysis and very often uses the tool of advanced mathematics.”

Qian Xuesen (in English Hsue-Shen Tsien or H.S. Tsien)