DARPA Director’s Fellow

I am very fortunate to be awared the 2023-2024 DARPA Director’s Fellowship.

The linked article from my department is at the following link: https://mae.ufl.edu/2023/08/09/darpa-directors-fellowship-awarded-to-steven-a-e-miller/

The article text is below

Associate Professor Steven A. E. Miller, Ph.D., is awarded the Director’s Fellowship from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for 2023-2024. The award recognizes technical excellence for his research on “Analytical Prediction of Near-Field Hypersonic Aerodynamics.” The award is extremely selective and is given to exceptional researchers who are part of the DARPA program. Typically, one to two fellows are awarded per year.

The fellowship is awarded to recognize successful high-risk research to predict high-speed aerodynamics without the use of computational fluid dynamics or experiments. The outcome of the fellowship and research allows for ultra-fast predictions of aerodynamics around high-speed flight-vehicles and physical understanding of sonic boom prediction from hypersonic waveriders. The approach overcomes limitations of previously developed fundamental theories created at CalTech Mathematics by Dr. Gerald Whitham and Chinese hypersonics pioneer Dr. Tsien Hsue-Shen.

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